Hunting for all

Bear hunting



All of the hunting is done on active baited stations.

How about combining your love of hunting and fishing into one great vacation?

At Jodoin Outfitter, the possibilities really are endless....

  • A $200.00 deposit per person required
  • Balance due 30 days before arrival date
  • Minimum of 2 hunters.


Moose Hunting


MOOSE HUNTING : Mid-September

Our moose hunts are 7 days in length and timed to coincide with the rut, making this the ideal time to pursue the bull of your dreams. Few hunting experiences are more exciting than hearing the deep grunts of a responding bull, the sharp crack of breaking timber, and the breathtaking thrill of seeing a big bull magically appear at close range.

Our success rate is quite high and we have hunters that return year after year in order to "bag" another one.


Deer hunting


DEER HUNTING : November 7th to the 22nd, 2020

Our whitetail hunts are 5 days and a half or 8 days and a half in length. You can still-hunt, stalk or hunt from stands.

Permanent stands are strategically placed at feeding areas, travel corridors and funnels giving the patient hunter an excellent chance of success.

Hardwood ridges, mature forest, lowland swamps and recently cut overs offer many different options for hunting that whitetail buck.

Hunters are strictly limited to buck with 4 points or more in order to ensure the conservation of our healthy population.

  • Hunting packages must be paid 30 days before arrival date
  • 25% deposit


Small game hunting

petit gibier

SMALL GAME HUNTING : Mid-September to the 1st of November 2020

Enjoy time away from home to come walk down an old logging road, when leaves are changing colors, to experience small game hunting.



Deposit required to confirm reservation:

  • 30% for fishing packages.
  • $400 / group for hunting packages.

Taxes are not included in our rates.

You have to bring

  • Fishing or hunting permits;
  • water and food;
  • towels, bedding, pillow and personal effects;
  • life vests.